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About company

VEDEXPERT specializes in providing legal advice to corporate and private customers pertaining to the international trade and customs-related issues, and representing a company in legal proceedings with customs authorities.


Among our customers there are Russian and foreign companies engaged in various sectors of industry, including but not limited to enterprises of fuel and energy complex, food, textile and chemical industry enterprises, trade companies, etc.


  • Providing advice to the Pilot Plant of Scientific Instrument Engineering “Federal State Unitary Enterprise “EZAN” in issues concerning placing the equipment under a customs treatment procedure within the customs territory of the Customs Union.
  • Providing advice to the Russian precious metals refinery in issues related to export of silver.
  • Optimization of customs payments involved in the course of importing the poultry equipment for a major Russian agricultural holding.
  • Providing advice to NESL in issues pertaining to classification of an oil sludge treatment unit and determining the customs value of such unit.
  • Representing of KubanElektro in legal proceedings with Rostov Customs House and restoration of tariff preferences.
  • Protection of an intellectual property rights holder and providing advice in issues related to parallel importing within the Customs Union.
  • Classification of more than 1000 types of goods in accordance with the Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of the Customs Union for an exporter from the Seychelles.
Lawyers and Advisors

Our team has a professional competence and extensive expertise in customs affairs, and constantly maintains its skills level required for implementation of the most complex and comprehensive projects.

“Goltsblat BLP and the Consulting Center “VEDEXPERT” took on a joint project related to protection of an intellectual property rights holder. We are satisfied with the outcome of such cooperation, and we are ready to recommend this company as a professional and reliable partner”.

Vladimir Chikin
Partner, International Trade
And Customs Law


“Federal State Unitary Enterprise “EZAN” expresses its gratitude to the lawyers of the Consulting Center “VEDEXPERT” for their advice regarding placing of the equipment under a customs treatment procedure within the customs territory of the Customs Union.

Yu.S. Savenko



1. Advice on Legal Issues related to International Trade

It is essential for each company engaged in the international business activities to appraise its business projects through the prism of the customs laws. Since our team has an experience in working with the customs authorities, it may clarify any customs-related problems.

2. Convoy of Customs Audits

We have gained experience in the field of the clients’ legal support in the course of audits performed by the customs authorities upon release of the goods. In the recent years the audited companies convoyed by our experts have received lots of recommendations pertaining to tactics and strategy applied in the course of in-house and field audits.

3. Disputes with Customs Authorities

International trade is a quite dynamic process that is constantly changing due to amendments made into legal and regulatory framework of the customs authorities. Changes introduced into the customs affairs are primarily caused by the urge of the customs authorities to shift the “game rules” with a view to increase the collection of customs duties. Requirements of the customs authorities are often of the illegal nature but participants of the international business activities are forced to obey since it directly influences the release of the goods. Engaging of VEDEXPERT’s lawyers at any stage of a dispute settlement with the customs authorities will contribute to rectification of justice.